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Never Experience a Power Outage Again with A Generac Generator

An unexpected power outage can cause quite an interruption to your day. When that outage lasts longer than a few hours, it can be overwhelming to think about the consequences of no working lights, no power to run appliances, and no air conditioner in the summer or working furnace in the winter. Countryside Electric, Inc. in Columbus, OH, is proud to offer Generac generators, automatic standby generators that spring into action the moment you experience complete power loss.

Generac Generator and Power Outage

Why Choose Generac Generators?

There are several reasons why a Generac generator is one of the best on the market today. Consider the four reasons below when making your decision.

1. Reliable Power Backup

Generac generators begin working in a matter of seconds during a power loss. These specific generators are an automatic power supply, meaning there is no portable unit to hook up. With a power outage of any length, you can be confident knowing your day will continue as expected – working lights, running appliances, and even the capability of using the Internet, working on the computer, or enjoying television.

2. Propane or Natural Gas

The Generac generator runs on either propane or natural gas. Both of these fuel options are less costly and less messy than gasoline.

3. Food Loss Prevention

You can continue running and using your appliances, which means the food in your refrigerator/freezer will remain at a constant temperature. Imagine the money you will save by not having to throw away spoiled meat and produce due to unavailable refrigeration.

4. Smooth Transition of Power

Generac generators continue working for several minutes even after the regular power is restored. There are no voltage variations and no interruption in power whatsoever from the generator back to whole-house electricity. Once the electricity in the house is stable and the generator engine has cooled down, it automatically shuts off and is ready for another unexpected loss of power.

A Convenient and Wise Choice

When it comes to maintaining consistent power in your home, Generac generators definitely have the advantage. Contact us today, or call our office at (614) 478-7960 for a free consultation.

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