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Don’t Ignore These 4 Signs of Faulty Generators

Having a generator installed in your Columbus home can provide you with much-needed electricity during a power outage. Maybe your family relies on electricity to run essential medical machines or you have a large freezer stocked with food. At Countryside Electric, Inc., we understand that your family depends on your standby generator to keep your home running safely. So, it’s important to make certain your generator is always working at optimal performance. Here are four signs of faulty generators that you should never ignore.  

Don't Ignore These 4 Signs of Faulty Generators

1. Mysterious Noises or Smells

If your generator is giving off a foul odor or making strange noises, there’s definitely something wrong. An odd smell can be the first sign of a gas leak which can quickly become a fire hazard if not addressed immediately. A generator that’s making unusual sounds can be doing so for many different reasons. In either case, it’s best to contact a professional generator provider who can properly diagnose the cause and make repairs.

2. Fluctuating Power

Does your generator’s power fluctuate on and off for no apparent reason? This can be the result of something as serious as internal damage or you may have a generator that cannot keep up with your home’s electrical needs. Properly trained technicians can discover the exact problem with your generator and recommend an appropriate solution.

3. No Electricity

A generator that is functioning but not providing electricity is a waste of your time and money. The cause may be related to the generator or to your home’s electrical system. Contact a generator technician to test your electric panel and see if that’s the issue. If not, evaluating the generator itself is the next step.

4. Sputtering Engine

When a generator sputters or hesitates at start-up, there’s most likely an internal problem. One of the more common issues is fuel. The generator may be trying to run with old fuel, the fuel filter may need to be replaced, or there may be sludge in the tank lines. If this occurs regularly, schedule a generator maintenance appointment. You don’t want to be caught without power and a generator that won’t start.

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