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3 Commercial Industries That Would Benefit from Backup Generators

No business, large or small, ever wants to experience financial loss due to an event like a power outage. Even if the power is only down for an hour or two, this could bring many essential industries to a crippling halt. Not only will they lose the ability to function, but they’ll also lose crucial revenue. Countryside Electric, Inc. can install and maintain commercial generators for a variety of businesses in the Columbus area. However, we believe the three industries below could greatly benefit from our commercial backup generator services.

3 Commercial Industries That Would Benefit from Backup Generators

1. Medical Industry

Medical clinics, emergency rooms, and hospitals cannot provide adequate health care without power. When the electricity fails in these buildings, they need backup power as soon as possible. It could make a huge difference in the quality of life-saving medical care that’s being given to their patients. Generators ensure that doctors, nurses, and other support staff can carry out their normal duties caring for patients. They can also keep life-support medical equipment functioning such as oxygen compressors, dialysis machines, and cardiac monitors. 

2. Food Industry

If a restaurant, cafeteria, or coffee shop loses power, its food supply can quickly spoil, leading to a huge loss for their business. Backup commercial generators can keep food and other perishables cold, fresh, and safe for customers. They can also ensure that kitchen equipment, refrigerators, and beverage stations keep working so food can be prepared and the restaurant or cafeteria won’t lose any business. Having the lights on and air conditioning or heat running in the dining area can also keep customers happy and satisfied in the event of a power loss.

2. Agriculture Industry

Whether you run a small farm or a large floral or greenhouse business, electricity is essential. There are several pieces of equipment necessary for running an agriculture business. Operating a greenhouse, running an irrigation system, and controlling the indoor environment are only a few of the automated systems used by this industry. If the power goes out and cannot be turned on with a backup commercial generator, it could result in a serious financial loss for this essential profession.

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