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5 Signs of a Bad Electrical Outlet

Electrical outlets are the backbone of our modern homes. They power our appliances and electronics and charge our devices. However, older electrical outlets can be a problem for homeowners. So, it’s essential to know the signs of a bad electrical outlet, and Countryside Electric, Inc. is here with five of them.

5 Signs of a Bad Electrical Outlet

1. Burned Outlets or Smell of Burning Wiring

One of the most apparent signs of a bad electrical outlet is a burn mark on its surface or the wall around it. The burn mark is usually black, brown, or discolored. If you notice a burning smell or see smoke coming out of the outlet, turn off the circuit immediately and call an electrician. Such a situation is extremely dangerous and can lead to a house fire.

2. Loose Outlets

A loose outlet is an indication of age or damage. A loose outlet can cause the plugs to fall out and even spark. Further, a loose outlet can cause its wires to loosen and pose a fire hazard. If you notice that plugs don’t sit firmly into the outlet, it’s essential to get it checked by an electrician.

3. Overheating Outlets

Another sign of a bad electrical outlet is overheating. Overheating outlets can occur when electrical currents overload the outlet’s capacity. The outlet can become overly hot to the touch, and you may even notice scorch marks on the surrounding wall. This is a clear indication that the outlet needs replacing or repairs.

4. Flickering Lights

You should also be on the lookout for flickering lights or lamps. If the room’s lights flicker when a plug is inserted into an outlet, it could be a sign of a short circuit. This can lead to potential electrical hazards that can cause fires. If you notice flickering lights when using an outlet, it’s recommended to have the outlet replaced or repaired.

5. Tripping Circuit Breakers

If you have outlets that cause the circuit breaker to trip repeatedly, it could be a sign that your outlets are overloaded or that they’re going bad. Not fixing this issue can lead to an electrical fire. Therefore, it’s important to consult a licensed electrician if you continually experience a tripping circuit breaker when using a certain outlet in your home.

Get Your Electrical Fixed

Regular electrical maintenance ensures your home remains safe and free from electrical hazards. If you notice any of the above signs of a bad electrical outlet, it’s essential to have it assessed and repaired immediately by our team at Countryside Electric, Inc. We proudly serve residents and businesses throughout Columbus, OH. We also run electrical for new builds. So, contact us today at (614) 478-7960.

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