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3 Reasons to Install a Generac Generator This Summer

Have you been tossing around the idea of installing a Generac whole-home generator? Are you still on the fence about the idea, questioning whether the investment is worth it? Here at Countryside Electric, Inc., we’re here to tell you the answer is a resounding yes! We’ve seen first-hand the damage that a summer power outage can cause to a basement, a refrigerator full of cold and frozen foods, and more importantly, Columbus area residents. Avoid the uncomfortable, expensive, and disastrous effects of a power outage by installing a whole-home generator today.

3 Reasons to Install a Generac Generator This Summer

1. Keep the AC Running

Temperatures can get awfully high during a Columbus summer. Many families rely on air conditioning for a comfortable indoor climate as well as a healthy and safe home. Lengthy spans of hot, stifling weather, without air conditioning, can cause dehydration, leading to an ER or hospital visit. When the power goes, unfortunately, the AC will too. If you have a whole-home generator installed, you and your family will stay cool and comfortable.

2. Avoid Food Spoilage

Installing a whole-home generator will keep your refrigerator/freezer running in the event the power goes out. Especially in the heat of summer, a refrigerator or a chest freezer must stay on to keep your food at a healthy temperature. If you find yourself with no power for quite a few hours, you run the risk of having to throw out an expensive amount of food. This can all be avoided with a whole-home generator from Countryside Electric, Inc.

3. Maintain Power to the Sump Pump

Another important appliance that needs consistent power is the sump pump. This essential piece of equipment keeps water out of your basement or crawl space. If there’s a nasty thunderstorm and the power goes out, this can cause a potential flood, or another type of water disaster, in your Columbus area home. With a whole-home generator, your sump pump will keep running, and your basement will remain dry and moisture-free.

Generator Installation & Maintenance for Columbus Residents

Contact Countryside today at (614) 478-7960 to learn more about the advantages of installing a generator for your Columbus home. We provide other home repair services including electrical installations, storm damage repair, professional lighting design, and new home wiring.

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