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4 Reasons We Use Generac Generators at Countryside Electric

As a leading electric company in the Columbus, OH, area, we do our best to bring both quality service and quality products to each of our customers. This is why we only install Generac generators in our clients’ homes or places of business. These high-performing generators offer a quick response time and are extremely safe […]

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Never Experience a Power Outage Again with A Generac Generator

An unexpected power outage can cause quite an interruption to your day. When that outage lasts longer than a few hours, it can be overwhelming to think about the consequences of no working lights, no power to run appliances, and no air conditioner in the summer or working furnace in the winter. Countryside Electric, Inc. […]

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Don’t Lose Heat with a Home Generator

We’ve settled into winter here in Columbus, OH. The mild fall temperatures have given way to the snow, ice, and below-freezing weather. The last thing you want during this time of the year is for your heat to go out. However, inclement weather or a broken, iced-over tree branch can easily snap a power line […]

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