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6 Energy-Saving Tips to Lower Your Electric Bill

Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same job. This reduces the amount of waste your home generates and saves you some dollars! Countryside Electric, Inc. has compiled a short list of ways to help your home or business save energy and be more efficient.

Energy Efficient LED Lights

1. Change to LED

There are numerous benefits to switching to LED lighting. LED bulbs generally promise around 50,000 hours of lifetime. And unlike fluorescents or CFL lamps, LED lamps come on at full brightness instantly. LED’s are also fully dimmable.

2. Control fixtures

A great way to cut costs over time is to install motion sensors or timers to control the lighting of your house. Not only do motion sensors save on energy consumption, but they are incredibly convenient for places where you find your hands full, like the laundry room or garage.

3. Install a Ceiling Fan

Using a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat, on average, about four degrees warmer without sacrificing comfort. Although the upfront costs of installing ceiling fan may seem high, it will most likely pay for itself in about a year or two of energy savings.

4. Repair Your Home’s Wiring

If you have an older home, you may be wasting energy due to improper or outdated wiring. With the expert service of Countryside Electric Inc., you can upgrade your home’s wiring and ensure you have a safe and energy-efficient electrical system.

5. Install Energy-Efficient Appliances

Installing Energy Star Certified appliances can greatly reduce yearly energy costs. In addition to saving money, Energy Star appliances typically perform better than their non-energy-efficient counterparts. They also reduce your home’s emissions, limit waste production, and even improve indoor air quality.

6. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Make your thermostat work for you! A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature based on your schedule. Heating or cooling your home when you are away is a waste of energy and money.

Following these energy-saving tips is guaranteed to optimize the performance of your home’s fixtures and appliances and cut down your electric bill. Contact Countryside Electric Inc. today, or call (614) 478-7960 to set up a free consultation. We offer troubleshooting and maintenance for commercial clients too!




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