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Avoid These 5 Generator Repairs with Our Maintenance Services

Having a generator is a security measure that many homeowners benefit from. They keep your home and life going when a storm hits. They also provide that extra security of knowing you’ll never be without power, no matter what happens. At Countryside Electric, Inc., our trained technicians provide generator maintenance and repairs that will keep your generator in first-rate condition. Don’t let a simple fix or minor issue keep you without power. Avoid these common generator repairs when you take advantage of our contract maintenance services.

Avoid These 5 Generator Repairs with Our Maintenance Services

1. Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks can be caused by a number of issues. Leaking cylinder gaskets, defective sleeves, and broken cylinder heads are a few of the problems that may cause trouble with your generator. As coolant levels decrease, your generator will switch off as a fail-safe. This leaves you without a working generator and without power.

2. Faulty Wiring

Low voltage warnings and tripped breakers are a few of the signs there may be a problem with the generator’s wiring. Electrical work of any kind should be taken care of immediately. This could pose a serious problem if not handled properly.

3. Contaminated Fuel

Gasoline that contains algae, bacteria, and other like items can cause a multitude of problems in your generator. Not only can they block the fuel lines, but they can also keep the generator from working at top-notch performance. 

4. Worn Out Belts

Belts are another common issue related to generator maintenance. With regular use and old age, belts can quickly rip or tear. During our regular maintenance visits, we thoroughly check your generator for any issues, including belts that may need to be replaced.

5. Dead Batteries

Don’t be caught with a dead battery in your generator. You want to be sure you have a generator that’s ready to go during that next lightning storm that knocks out the power. Batteries need to be checked every few years, but this task can often get placed on the back burner. Sometimes you don’t realize the batteries aren’t working until you try to turn on the generator.

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