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4 Reasons We Use Generac Generators at Countryside Electric

As a leading electric company in the Columbus, OH, area, we do our best to bring both quality service and quality products to each of our customers. This is why we only install Generac generators in our clients’ homes or places of business. These high-performing generators offer a quick response time and are extremely safe to use. Never worry about another blackout again with the top-notch performance of a Generac generator from Countryside Electric, Inc.

4 Reasons We Use Generac Generators at Countryside Electric

1. Affordable to Run

Generac generators run on either natural gas or LP gas. Both forms of energy are much more affordable than gasoline. As a Columbus area business, when the budget is a priority, Generac generators are an inexpensive solution.

2. Quick Response Time

When your home or business experiences a power outage, Generac generators automatically turn on within only 10 seconds. In the middle of a sweltering summer day, these generators won’t skip a beat when it comes to keeping the air conditioner running or the refrigerator/freezer working.

3. 24/7 Protection

When you choose a Generac generator, our trusted technicians install it in your home or business for you. Once installed, it’s on automatic standby, ready to work whenever necessary. This means you don’t need to be present if the power indeed goes out. For this reason, these generators offer around-the-clock protection, with or without you.

4. Safer Than Portable Generators

The American Red Cross recommends using automatic standby generators, like Generac, rather than portable units. A portable unit requires a considerable amount of setup time in the event of a power failure. Typically, you need several extension cords in order for it to work properly, as well as direct power throughout your entire home or place of business. When safety is a concern, choose Generac every time.

Contact Us for Installation

If you’re finished with experiencing unexpected power outages, consider having a Generac generator installed in your home or business. Contact us today by calling (614) 478-7960. We gladly offer residential and commercial electrical installation, repair, and maintenance throughout Columbus, OH, and all surrounding communities.

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