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Commercial Generac Generators: A Wise Investment for Your Business

You may be wondering if a commercial generator is a smart business decision. A portable generator may have worked just fine in the past, and you believe there’s no need to upgrade. Countryside Electric, Inc. has helped countless business owners in the Columbus area choose the best Generac generator for their commercial needs. If you’re still unsure a commercial generator is a wise investment, consider these three ways a generator can save your business both time and money.

Commercial Generac Generators: A Wise Investment For Your Business

1. Smooth Transition of Energy

The commercial Generac generators we provide at Countryside begin running within 10 seconds of a power outage. A portable generator requires an extensive amount of time to set up, much longer than 10 seconds. That can make all the difference in loss of revenue or loss of customers. Plus, there’s no more fumbling around in the dark trying to plug in the portable unit to get it up and running. 

2. Little to No Revenue Loss

With a commercial generator, you can keep your business running even in the middle of a power loss. No matter how long the electricity is out, you can still run your business with little to no revenue loss. Customers won’t know the difference and will continue browsing through your store, enjoying their meal at your restaurant, or continue that important meeting in your office.

3. No Damage to Equipment or Goods

When power is turned off unexpectedly, it can have a devastating effect on businesses such as restaurants, professional offices, and many others. Non-working equipment like cash registers or commercial kitchen appliances can mean a loss of valuable customers. No air conditioning in a warm, humid office can cut that important business meeting short. No power to the Internet or office computers pretty much means business is over until the power returns. 

Generac Generators For Your Business

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