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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Lighting

High-quality LED commercial lighting has many benefits over outdated, inefficient, intensely bright lights. The team at Countryside Electric, Inc. can update antiquated lighting, as well as design the new lighting to work best with your specific business space. Whether you run a restaurant, own a retail store, manage an office suite, or supervise a warehouse, your employees and your budget will thank you when you choose our efficient commercial light installations.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Lighting

1. Save Energy

Upgrade to smart lighting or dimmer lighting that allows you to control the brightness of your lights. With smart lights, you can control the lights automatically or remotely. You can also optimize for daylight, automatically adjusting the lighting depending on the brightness of the natural light. Dimming lights in rooms that are not used often can help save both energy and the life or your light bulbs.

2. Save Money

Installing LED commercial lighting can save energy, as well as offer savings for your budget. Energy-efficient LED lights use at least 75% less power compared to outdated incandescent office lighting. LED lights are also much cooler than incandescent lights, reducing the risk of flaming light bulbs or burned fingers.

3. Improve Performance

Bright, glaring lights can be frustrating for your staff. It can be distracting, causing headaches and negatively affecting productivity. Soft, LED lighting can help ease the burden on your employees’ eyes while they’re working at their desks or on the warehouse floor. Our team can design a commercial lighting system that’s suitable for workstations, cubicles, offices, and even manufacturing plants.

First-Class Commercial Light Installation

Contact Countryside Electric today for a free quote or schedule a commercial installation by calling (614) 478-7960. We proudly serve the entire Columbus, OH, area, and all surrounding communities. Along with our first-class commercial lighting installations and designs, we also provide residential lighting services, new build wiring, indoor and outdoor electrical installations, and commercial remodeling and rewiring.


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