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3 Maintenance Tips for Standby Generators

If you own a standby generator, then you’re all set for an unexpected power outage or forecasted thunderstorm. To keep this machinery up-to-date and working in prime condition, the team at Countryside Electric, Inc. recommends that you follow these three maintenance tips. They don’t take much time at all, are simple to perform, and will keep your generator working as it should for years to come.

3 Maintenance Tips for Standby Generators

1. Oversee Weekly Test Cycle

Your standby generator system should already be set up to run a test cycle once a week for about 20 minutes. You can program it so it runs at the same time and day each week. This test cycle is an important part of maintaining your generator. If the test cycle runs smoothly and all is well, the generator is working as it should be and is ready to go when needed.

2. Perform Monthly Inspections

Typically once a month, or anytime the generator has been running for an extended period of time, your generator should be inspected. Be sure the unit and its immediate surroundings are clear of any obstructions or debris. Check the oil level and the coolant level when the unit is turned off. Also, inspect the battery for any corrosion, wear and tear, or loose wires.

3. Schedule Bi-Annual Maintenance

If you’re an expert in standby generators, you can most likely take care of this step yourself. Otherwise, it’s best to hire a professional electrician to take care of this semiannual maintenance responsibility. Our maintenance service includes tasks such as changing the oil and filter, replacing the spark plugs, flushing the cooling system, and more.

Professional Generator Installation & Maintenance

If it’s been a while since you’ve scheduled professional generator maintenance, contact Countryside by calling (614) 478-7960. We serve the Columbus, OH, area and all nearby communities with our residential electrical repairs and installations, new build light installations, and commercial electrical services.

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