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3 Common Problems with Commercial LED Lighting

More and more commercial facilities use industrial LED lighting systems as they are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable. Commercial LED lights also produce superior light quality over their incandescent or fluorescent counterparts. At Countryside Electric, Inc., we are often called to address specific commercial lighting problems for industrial spaces. Be on the lookout for these three common problems and learn how to address them.

3 Common Problems with Commercial LED Lighting

1. Loose-Fitting Wires & Bulbs

One of the main culprits behind poorly-working LED lights is loose-fitting wires and bulbs. When these connections are not secure, the LED unit does not get consistent power, and they flicker each time power is interrupted. If your commercial lights often flicker, inspect the connection points between the wires and the unit. Also, ensure all bulbs are installed correctly and that nothing is blocking the connection points.

2. Sub-Standard LED Bulbs & Fixtures

It is true what they say — you get what you pay for — at least with commercial LED lighting. Sub-standard bulbs and low-quality light fixtures can result in poor lighting for your industrial space. Shortcuts are often taken when designing and manufacturing cheap LED lights. While there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on commercial LED lighting, do your research before making that final purchase so you get a quality, well-working LED system.

3. Inadequate Power Supply

Commercial LED lights rely on driver units, their main power supply, to work effectively. When a driver unit fails, there is a lack of power to the LED lighting systems, causing them to flicker. When ordering these lights, check that the manufacturer’s specifications have the proper power unit failure rate for your specific application.

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