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Remember These 3 Issues When Choosing Commercial Lighting

When running their organization, business owners need to consider various expenses, such as advertising, payroll, office supplies, and utilities, including lighting installation. When replacing or upgrading industrial lighting, there are many factors to remember like design, style, size, and wattage. To get the most out of your industrial lighting installation, Countryside Electric, Inc. recommends that you also consider the three issues below.  

Remember These 3 Issues When Choosing Commercial Lighting

1. Sustainability

Many commercial companies are doing their part in protecting the environment by choosing sustainable solutions to run their business. Choosing environmentally-friendly industrial lighting, such as LED lights, over inefficient incandescent lighting, is one more step toward sustainability. Not only will you show customers that you are actively minimizing your carbon footprint, but you will also save up to 80% in lighting and electrical costs. 

2. Heat Levels

You may not think that commercial lighting affects the temperature of your physical location, but for many specific industries, this needs to be a consideration. Warehouses or plants that consistently run large industrial machinery or commercial locations that manufacture environmentally-sensitive materials, should definitely consider commercial lighting that has low heat levels. Efficient LED lights release very little heat. Plus, they are much more comfortable to work in than incandescent lights.

3. Buzzing Sounds 

If you manage a corporate office complex or own a fine dining restaurant, the last thing you want is noisy, buzzing overhead lights distracting employees or making dinner guests uncomfortable. Some older facilities still use fluorescent lighting, which is known for its humming sound. When repurposing an older building or upgrading your current location, be sure to ask a commercial light installer what type of lighting is best for creating a pleasant environment for employees and customers.

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