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5 Common Types of Residential Electrical Problems

Do you often experience frustrating and inconvenient electrical issues within your Columbus, OH, home? Maybe your lights flicker during thunderstorms or you live in an older home with too few electrical outlets. If you experience these types of issues, the team at Countryside Electric, Inc. is here to help! We can take care of many residential electrical problems, but the five listed below are some of the most common we see in the Columbus area. 

5 Common Types of Residential Electrical Problems

1. Overloading

Overloading takes place when a light bulb with high wattage is placed in a lamp or light fixture that is designed for a lower wattage bulb. This can be very dangerous, as the heat from the bulb can melt the fixture’s components and possibly cause a fire. Always check the wattage of the light fixture to ensure you’re using the correct light bulb.

2. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are typically caused by frayed wires. These wires can cause an electrical short and pose a serious danger, as this can cause a fire if not taken care of immediately.

3. Too Few Outlets

Many older homes were built with only one outlet per room as we didn’t rely so heavily on electronics at the time they were constructed. Today, we compensate by using power strips and extension cords. Not only can this pose an overloading issue, but it’s also very inconvenient. An experienced electrician can easily add more outlets as needed.

4. Dead Circuit

When you think you have faulty appliances or electronic equipment, you may just have a dead circuit. While a dead circuit doesn’t pose an immediate safety risk, it can be seriously frustrating. A residential electrician will need to come to your home to discover the source of the problem as it may lie within the actual wiring system.

5. Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are annoying, bothersome, and can also cause expensive damage to appliances and electronics. They can occur due to poor wiring in the home, when lightning strikes, or simply because of a damaged appliance. If you often experience electrical surges in your home, you need to have an electrician review your wiring immediately as to not cause more damage to appliances or electronics.

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