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3 Common Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

An important part of home ownership is keeping your home in top-notch condition. This includes maintaining your home’s electrical system. It’s helpful to know the specific warning signs to look for in the case of any electrical problems. Being aware of these issues will allow you to make preventive adjustments, as well as avoid expensive repairs. The professionals at Countryside Electric, Inc. not only handle major electrical complications but can also troubleshoot minor electrical difficulties in your home. Below are 3 common signs of electrical issues along with recommended responses to each one.

Common Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

1. Faulty Outlets

Are you experiencing sparks or buzzing sounds coming from your outlets? If so, you need to immediately turn off the power to the outlet, and no longer use that particular outlet. A portion of your home’s wiring system may need to be repaired or it may be a simple replacement of that specific fixture. Call a professional electrician and schedule a time for them to take a look at the offending outlet.

2. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are created so that a circuit that is overloaded will trip, or shut off, automatically. This keeps your electrical system from overheating and also prevents dangerous events from taking place, such as a house fire. Most everyone has had to check his/her circuit board for a tripped breaker. If you find yourself constantly resetting your electrical circuits, it’s time to call an electrician and have them review your current electrical situation.

3. Flickering Lights

Most flickering lights are a sign of a power surge throughout your electrical network. This could mean that your home’s electrical system cannot keep up with the demands being placed on it. Over time, these surges can wear out your appliances and your electrical fixtures. This is a certain sign that you may need to consider upgrading the wiring in your home.

When you find yourself experiencing any of these electrical issues, contact the knowledgeable team at Countryside Electric at (614) 478-7960. We offer free consultations to all residential customers in Columbus and the surrounding areas.

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